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Volume 51, Supplement 2

  • How mechanisms implicated in the collective process of academic hiring in France affect discrimination - C. Musselin, F. Pigeyre

    Christine Musselin
    Centre de sociologie des organisations (Sciences Po and CNRS), 19, rue Amélie, 75007 Paris, France
    Frédérique Pigeyre
    EA 2354, institut de recherche en gestion, université Paris-12–Val-de-Marne, place de la Porte-des-Champs, route de Choisy, 94010 Créteil cedex, France
    Available online 6 October 2009 on ScienceDirect
    How may procedures in effect for hiring junior professors in France affect discrimination against women candidates ? On the basis of detailed surveys and interviews with members of hiring committees in three (...)

  • Legitimation by standards : Transnational experts, the European Commission and regulation of novel foods - D. Demortain

    David Demortain
    ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE London, United Kingdom
    Available online 6 October 2009 on ScienceDirect
    How do voluntary standards get put to use in European Union policy ? A study of how a particular private-sector voluntary standard was imported and developed for use in EU policy offers grounds for interpreting the power relations among carriers of the standard, a transnational group of scientific experts and the European (...)

  • French deputies, their assistants and the uses of staff appropriations : A sociology of political work - P. Le Lidec

    Patrick Le Lidec
    CNRS, CERSA, 10, rue Thénard, 75005 Paris, France
    Available online 6 October 2009 on ScienceDirect
    This analysis focuses on how members of Parliament in France organize their staff. The way deputies distribute the tasks among their assistants suggests that the organization and division of labor should be understood mainly in relation to the pressures generated by MPs in their home district, since a seat in the National Assembly very much depends on providing services to constituents. The staff under the use of the single (...)

  • Professional identities and legitimacy challenged by a managerial approach : The Belgian judicial system - C. Vigour

    Cécile Vigour
    Institut d’études politiques, domaine universitaire, 11, allée Ausone, 33607 Pessac cedex, France
    Available online 12 October 2009 on ScienceDirect
    The conditions prevailing in Belgium, at the time a managerial approach was approved and introduced into its judicial system, are analyzed in this article along with the limitations and consequences for the legal professions. Belgian judicial culture has long been hostile to cost-analysis and an organizational perspective. As in many other Western countries, however, it is now being (...)

  • In the “activity square” : International perspectives on labor, work and activity - C. Licoppe

    Christian Licoppe
    Department of Social Science, Institut Telecom, Telecom Paris Tech, 46, rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France
    Available online 6 October 2009 on ScienceDirect
    This article describes the particular “space” where research focuses on work as it actually takes place, and aims to characterize the way various ethnographic approaches to labor are evolving at the international level. That workspace is a “square” delineated by four major points of view : Distributed Cognition, Activity Theory, Ethnomethodology and its related approaches, and (...)